Welcome to the Storyboard


On this page you will find the stories of the Children of the Exile universe.


Currently the only stories available are those written by myself, but hopefully, somewhen down the line, there will also be stories written by other members of the resistance.


All resistance members are entitled to contribute there experiences in the struggles against the Shadow, either as complete stories, or as ideas to be included within the main story arc.


Whether you wish to contribute or not, all feedback is greatly appreciated by myself and, I am sure, by the other contributing members.


All stories remain the copyright of the contributing author and may not be published on any other site without the express permission of the author

Stories by K'Van Cald Imperia - a.k.a. Kevin Calder

Disclaimer - All works on this site are FICTION and as such may bear little resemblence to accepted historical fact.

Any resemblence to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

As a non resident of the area where a large percentage of my stories are set, I apologise in advance if I get anything regarding local geography or history incorrect - after all, I did say that this is FICTION, where does it say that in the universe I am describing, everything happened in the same way??

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