The following links are a tribute to some magnificent authors who are a constant source of inspiration through their perseverance and high level of output.

Although not to everyones tastes, the stories produced by these authors all reside within the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.

Most of the Sci-Fi stories will rely on one of 2 plot arcs, Alien Tech or Time Travel.

The Alien Tech plot arc, usually revolves around a small group of friends, who uncover highly advanced (usually alien, but occasionally time-travelled human) technology, and then, using the technology, need to defend their world against alien invasion, or save an ancient galaxy spanning race from extinction.

Time-Travel stories, will normally come in one of 2 sub-arcs, Quantum Leap (QL) and Parallel Universe (PU)

QL stories revolve around a terminally ill person, who through some agency is transported back in time to an earlier point in their own life, with full knowledge of their sum life experience until the time they died. The person will then live their life over, rectifying any mistakes, gaining the love of their life, and making a killing on the stock market, or through patent stealing, i.e. inventing products before they were invented in his previous life. Usually, the reason for the QL will be explained by the author, although accasionally the reader will be left to wonder.

PU stories will normally revolve around a person, who, usually through alien intervention, is transported in time to an alternate earth, as part of an experiment, given some modern tools and equipment, and then left to fend for themselves

Sir Winston (AT)

Sir Winston is an author who is not afraid to experiment in his stories, and as such, on his site he has a strong following of loyal fans who will eagerly devour his every word. Like a lot of authors of his calibre, his site is in 2 parts, a free area and a subscription area.

Although he has an array of stories in the free area, it is worth the measly $5/month or $50/year to join the donators area and get your hands on more brilliant material.


If you haven't already discovered his stories on SOL, please go to his website located at and read his Stardancer series

Siath (AT)

Located at, Siath is another formidable author who has a plethora of good stories on his site, although he is probably most recognised for his collaboration with Sir Winston on Reunion, a crossover story uniting his Eutharan universe, with that of SW's Stardancer universe.

Again, this is a site with a free area and a subscription area, although, Reunion alone is worth the subscription

Monbade (AT)

Although a new member at, I have already read enough to recognise another prodigious talent in the world of amateur authors, his New Federation stories are a joy to read.

Although this site like the 2 mentioned above, is also a subscription site, he has stumbled upon a novel concept where, if you cannot subscribe, or donate to gain access to the subscription area, the more you post on his forums, the more access you obtain to other stories

The reader may note that the majority of these stories may have minimal to moderate sexual content, and that some of the sexual themes explored, although never illegal, may offend some readers, so beware, you have been warned.

CMSix (AT)(TT)

Cmsix ( is an hornerry Texan who is a master of Time Travel stories, although his Nanoverse stories do combine both PU and AT stories.

His site does include a bunch of generic stories, however I feel that Depression, John and Argent and Nanoverse are his best works

Although these are a few of my current favourite online authors, they are by no means all.

Many, many more excellent stories in these genres can be found on Stories Online ( from wonderful authors such as, Scotland The Brave, SeaLife, GoldenMage, Volentrin, Lazlo Zalezac, The Scot and many more, and at you will find the excellent Firestaff Collection and Pyrosian Chronicles 8 books of pure fantasy

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